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Terms and conditions

1. Atlas acts, at all times, as an intermediate duly authorized by the supplier designated in the confirmation emitted by (“Reservation Confirmation”). The terms and conditions applicable in the contract between the user and the supplier are established in the supplier’s reservation conditions and, therefore, must be read., acting as an intermediate, cannot accept any responsibility arising from the transfer services provided by the supplier.

On making your reservation with us, you accept your legal obligations to comply with the specifications of the terms and conditions which can be modified and posted on our web page as well as any other information contained in our web page and reservation confirmation.

If you do not wish to be obliged to comply with our terms and conditions, you will not be permitted to make a reservation via our web page.

2. Lead party and accompanying passengers.

References made in these terms and administrative conditions to you as lead party also refer to all passengers detailed in the written confirmation (including any other passengers substituted or added to on a later date).

The specified purchaser in the reservation confirmation is the purchaser requiring the transfer service and also refers to those passengers detailed in the written confirmation (including any other passengers substituted or added to on a later date).

If the contract has been made by an agent or any other person acting for or on behalf of the passengers whose names appear on the confirmation, this person or agent is acting on behalf of the said passengers.

Booking reservations can be made via our web page When there are two or more persons included in the same reservation, the person making the booking is considered as the lead name and is making the booking on and behalf of other members of the group included in the reservation and therefore accepts the terms and administrative conditions in his/her name and for each member of the group. This person must be 18 years of age or over.

The person making the reservation (his/her representative or any other person acting on behalf of the passengers whose names appear on the confirmation) must check and revise all details of the reservation indicated on the confirmation before travelling and to inform as soon as possible of any error found. or any agreed third party will not be held responsible for any errors in the service provided due to incorrect information provided on making the reservation. Incorrect information given to the supplier can have a detrimental effect on the standard of service requested.

Whenever possible, and providing we are notified by the supplier, we will contact and inform the lead name of any existing incorrect information made on the reservation and, if necessary, modify the reservation

On receipt of the confirmation a reference number will be given. On receipt of the confirmation and before travelling, you must check that all details are correct including your travel dates, and inform us immediately of any error found. Prices indicated are per vehicle.

You are responsible for checking that your reservation has been made correctly. You should receive the confirmation for your reservation automatically via electronic mail. Should you not receive this you are responsible for verifying the reservation you have made, checking payment has been processed by your bank before making a new reservation thus avoiding duplicating your reservation. We are not responsible for charges applied by the supplier due to duplication of reservation.

The European Union Directive 2003/20/CE states that children should be seated in an adequate seat suitable for children up to the age of 12 years or until they reach a height of 135 cm. However, this law is exempt in licensed taxis. If there is no suitable child seat available in the licensed taxi children from 3 years of age and adults may travel on condition that they use an adult safety belt. Children under 3 years of age can travel without using a safety belt only when seated in the rear of the vehicle.

All children and infants count as passengers occupying the vehicle and therefore, must be included in the total number of passengers at the time of the reservation. If you require a child’s seat we recommend that you bring your own as availability to provide you with a child’s seat may be limited in some destinations. In some locations it may be possible to request a child’s seat, and if provided by the transport company, an extra cost will be applied.

If you or any other member of your group is handicapped we have specially adapted vehicles to provide a safe transport service. On making your reservation all disabled passengers with wheel chairs must be declared. To not do so may result in our inability to provide a legal method of transport and our right to suspend or cancel the transport service. Also you are obliged to inform us if the wheel chair can be folded in order that we can be certain to provide a vehicle which meets such requirements.

3. All luggage should be clearly labled with your name and holiday destination address.

Each passenger whose name is indicated on the reservation confirmation has the right to take one suitcase which must not exceed 70cm x 40cm x 20cm and one small piece of hand luggage. Accepting luggage in excess of these measurements will be subject to space available in the luggage compartment and may be declined. If a passenger needs to transport luggage in excess of these measurements (for example luggage which would exceed the maximum permitted size, such as ski, golf, snowboard equipment and wheelchairs etc.) such luggage must be declared on making your reservation. The supplier may charge extra for excess luggage or alternatively may not be able to accept the transportation of such excess products. It is your duty to declare the total amount of luggage you wish to be transported with you on your transfer.

4. Conditions

The designated supplier, their drivers and authorized agents, including, reserve the right to refuse to transport any person who is, or appears to be, under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs and/or whose behaviour is considered as a threat to the driver, the vehicle and other passengers. In these circumstances there will be no refund.

The consummation of alcohol is prohibited inside the supplier’s vehicle. Smoking is prohibited inside the vehicle. All vehicules’ passengers and third parties reserve the right to place a complaint according to local legislation. Luggage however, is the sole responsibility of the passenger and we cannot accept any lost or damaged complaints relating to luggage. do not accept responsibility for any costs or recovery measurements incurred for retrieving and returning such items to passengers. All passengers must confirm their return transfer. Options available to do so can be found detailed in the reservation confirmation. If you have made any post booking changes you are obliged to notify us by telephone.

At all times the transfer supplier will endeavour to carry out the transfer satisfactorily, however, the supplier cannot give 100% guarantee that the vehicle will arrive at the estimated destination time of arrival. will not be held responsible for any costs incurred due to delays. It is your sole responsibility to arrive at the airport with sufficient time to check in for your flight. do not accept responsibility for the transfer service (according to the conditions stipulated in the initial clause – – of these reservation terms and conditions), and furthermore, do not accept responsibility for the costs incurred for loss of a flight. If your transfer does not arrive and your have followed the established procedures in calling your transfer supplier, you must take an alternate measure to arrive at the airport with the option to mitigate extra costs incurred. On paying your alternative transport please make sure that you have an official receipt of payment which must be forwarded to our office in order to assist us in our investigation with our local supplier. If the supplier accepts liability due to error, the cost of your taxi will be refunded. In order to refund we need an official receipt.

If your arrival flight is diverted, delayed or cancelled we recommend that you contact us via the telephone numbers indicated in your reservation confirmation. Although we will try our upmost to adapt to these changes, it is not always possible and depends on our operational resources at the time. At times the driver may not be legally in a position to wait for a delayed flight and must make alternative plans. If the supplier is able to adapt to the new flight schedule this will be charged to you. is not responsible for any additional costs incurred due to flight delays.

In some destinations it is not always possible to pick up/drop off in front of the hotel and therefore the pick up/drop off will be as close as legally possible to your accommodation.

It may not be possible to pick you up or drop you off at your holiday accommodation due to roadwork restrictions or traffic conditions. In such cases, you will be picked up at the nearest point of access to your accommodation.

Transfer times indicated in our web page are approximate times and depend on traffic and the number of stops on route. Also these times can be influenced by traffic congested areas or high touristic season. Our supplier’s drivers are experienced in these conditions and will endeavour to arrive at their destination as soon as possible. will not be held responsible for any difficulty or failure to comply in the service if the clients are in possession of the adequate transfer documents for both oneway and return transfer.

The supplier, nor do not accept responsibility for compensations due to out of control unpredicted circumstances which may involve the cancellation or any change to your service. will not constitute any breach of these terms and conditions or be held liable for any error or delay in the performance of any of its obligations under these terms and administrative conditions classified as “force majeure”.

The supplier is not obliged to pick up passengers in any other locations other than the address of their holiday accommodation.

5. Responsabilities

It is our duty is to strictly select our suppliers. We do not accept responsibility for the transfer service (unless proved that this service has breached our terms and conditions).

Our duty to each passenger, except in the case of death, or personal injury is limited to the maximum cost of the reservation for the transfer service per passenger.

None of these terms and administrative conditions, which can be excluded or limited, excludes your legal rights as a consumer., in the name of the supplier, holds the right to cancel whichever reservation you have made. does not guarantee the success of a supplier assigned to each reservation request. If is not able to assign a supplier for the reservation you request you will receive an email to inform you of this incident.

We strongly recommend that you take out a travel insurance that covers a wide range of incidents which could occur during your travel such as , loss of luggage, cancelation, accidents and health problems whilst you are travelling. It is your duty to contract sufficient travel insurance to attend to your personal needs. We highly recommend that you pay attention to the minor details indicated in the private policy and to take care of this insurance policy throughout your holiday.

6. Complaints

If a problem occurs during your holidays you must contact your local supplier on the number which is indicated on your reservation confirmation document. If the supplier does not satisfactorily resolve your problem you can place a complaint including all necessary information and receipts. Please send your complaint to

Complaints must be presented within 28 days after the date of your return transfer. Complaints which do not comply with our terms and conditions such as travelling without your confirmation of reservation document, not confirming your transfer or providing incorrect information at the time of making the reservation will not be accepted. If a reimbursement is made this will not include any administrative costs charged for credit card payments.

7. The company

If any provision or part of any provision of these terms and administrative conditions is cited by any court or competent authority to be illegal that provision or part of the provision will be invalid and be deemed unenforceable and the rest of these terms and administrative conditions shall apply as if the provision or part of the provision had never been agreed.

You may not transfer any of your rights and obligations under these terms or administrative conditions without our previously written consent nor can we transfer any of our rights and obligations under these terms or administrative conditions without your previously written consent.

8. Jurisdiction

These terms and administrative conditions and whatever dispute or complaint which arises from or in connection with them (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed and interpreted according to Spanish law. Disputes or complaints arising in connection with these administrative and conditions points of view (including non-contractual disputes or complaints), will be subject to exclusive jurisdiction within the Spanish tribunal.