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Prices and payment policy

1. Prices and payments

Bookings may be made online via our web page When two or more persons are included in the same booking, the person making the booking is considered as making the booking on and behalf of both or any other member of the party and therefore accepts the terms and administrative conditions in the name of each member of the party. This person must be at least 18 years of age.

Partial or total payment is required on making the booking. On receiving this payment, will process the booking and electronically mail the confirmation of the booking with information of all persons involved and transfers reserved. The booking confirmation will act as proof of transfer and should be presented to the representative on both the go and return transfer. A legal binding contract is drawn up between the person making the booking (all all other passengers included in the booking) and the supplier at the time of processing the payment and delivering the confirmation. We are an online company and therefore, all communication will be sent via electronic mail unless otherwise agreed.

Banks charge us for processing payments. This charge will be debited from you at the time of making your credit or bank card payment. Prices indicated are per vehicle.

All payments processed are not repayable unless the supplier has cancelled the booking.

It is your responsibility to check that your booking has been processed correctly. You should receive the booking confirmation via electronic mail, if you do not receive the confirmation electronically it is your responsibility to check your booking has been processed correctly by contacting your bank to verify the payment has been processed before making another booking and thus avoiding any duplication of the same booking. We do not accept responsibility for costs applied by the supplier for duplicating a booking.

2. Amendments

Amendments to bookings should be made via the web page. This is free of any administrative charge providing amendments are made within 48 hours before departure. Amendments within 48 hours of departure should be sent via email to within Spanish office hours. We cannot guarantee that emails are attended to if received out of Spanish office hours .

If an amendment incurs extra costs these costs must be paid for by the customer at the time of requesting the amendment. All amendments will be subject to credit or debit card charges.

Please note that amendments will be subject to the supplier’s reservation conditions who can charge fees for amendments made as well as administrative costs.

When flight times or flight numbers are changed by your flight carrier these can be amended free of charge.

When there is a change of hotel, the new hotel should be situated within the same zone. If the hotel change is in a different location you must cancel your booking and re-book with the new hotel. Cancellation fees will be charged. Please note that an amendment fee of 10 € (or the equivalent in local currency based on the rate of foreign exchange) is applied on the total cost of the booking whether it being the correction of all or part of the booking before or during your trip. In order to accept payment for amendment you must confirm your amendment by writing after which the corresponding amount will be charged to the bank card used on making the original transfer reservation.

3. Cancellations

Cancellations and amendments must be made online. We do not accept cancellations nor amendments 24 hours before the date of the main transfer this being the first date of a return transfer or the date of a one way transfer depending on the booking.

You must take into account that if you do not present yourself at the time indicated on your transfer you will not receive a refund. The principal transfer date is the date of the first departure of a return transfer or the date of departure for a one way transfer depending on the booking. Please note cancellation of the return transfer cannot be accepted on a return transfer booking after the principal date of departure.

If you cancel your return transfer whilst on holiday you will not be entitled to a refund for the part of serviced not used.

4. Last minute bookings

Online bookings can be made up until 24 hours before departure (48 hours in some routes), the above terms apply regardless of the booking date. Bookings made during the 24 hours before departure will include an extra fee of 10€ (or the equivalent in local currency based on the rate of foreign exchange). If the web page does not allow you to book online you can do so by contacting us on: 00 34 669 101 931.