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Terms and conditions

1 Introduction

1.1 These terms and conditions ("Terms") govern your viewing and use of this website (the "Website") which is owned and operated by Atlas Transfers (AT). For the purposes of these Terms "we", "our" and "us" refers to AT.

1.2 AT makes this Website available to you to provide transfers door-to-door, its airports and the services available at them. You can buy a number of products and services through this Website.

1.3 Please read these Terms carefully. If you access the Website we will assume that you agree to the Terms. If you do not agree with these Terms, do not access or use the Website.

2 Prices

2.1 Prices are based on passengers being ready to travel at the booking time.

2.2 All prices are per vehicle not per passenger.

2.3 All prices are quoted to drive through the most economical route; in case the passenger wants to change it must say to AT before booking via email. Extra charges may be applied.

2.4 All quotes made via email are valid for 10 days, after this time Atlas transfers has the right to change it.

3 Vehicle

3.1 It is the booker’s responsibility to ensure to book the correct vehicle and size in order to carry the number of passengers and luggage, otherwise the driver reserves the right to refuse the service due to Health and Safety Rules and not refund it.

3.2 Due to availability the vehicle booked might change to a larger one, unless it is a special such a luxury or adapted one.

4 Passengers and Luggage

4.1 The person who makes the reservation must be over 18 years and is considered the lead party of the group or itself. He or She agrees to provide accurate and full information to the remainder of the party in relation to the booking; confirming that all the other members of the party, agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and all other information on our website.

4.2 Additional passengers and luggage must be informed maximum 24 hours before the service to either via email or phone and must be accepted for our agent.

4.3 The lead party has to print the confirmation voucher out or show it up through the phone to the driver before to get on the vehicle, otherwise if you take another vehicle by mistake we do not take responsibilities and no refund will be possible.

4.4 All infants and children regardless of age, count towards the occupancy of the vehicle, thus must be included in the total number of passengers at the time of booking.

4.5 We do not be held liable for any lost or damage luggage, if you miss any item on the vehicle you must inform us as soon as possible to check if it is still in the car, but due to other services, the followers clients might have took it.

4.6 Each passenger has the right to take one suitcase which must not exceed 70cmX40cmX20cm and a small holdall.

4.7 It is the lead party who has to inform to the customer service via phone whether he cannot find the driver.

4.8 The lead party must only write down one flight number, as we only can monitor one per booking. In case your party will arrive on different flights you must inform us of the latest.

5 Children seats

5.1 According to the European Union Directive 2003/20/CE, It is prohibited for child under 12 or under 135 centimeters tall to travel without a properly fastened seatbelt and/or child restraint; he/her must use an approved child seat, suitable and appropriate for his/her height and weight. In a vehicle of nine seats or more, is not obliged but is recommended and always must fasten their seatbelts.

5.2 Baby seats are for newborns up to 9 months or 10kg (22lbs), Children seats for children from 9 months to 6 years or up to 25 kg (55lbs) and Booster seats are for children from 6 years to 11 years or from 22kg to 36kg (48lbs – 79 lbs).

5.3 In case the lead party has not booked a correct child seat, the driver reserves the right to refuse the service due to Health and Safety Rules and do not refund the service.

5.4 You are welcome to bring your own child or booster seat, we must be informed via email maximum 24 hours before the service.

6 Payment

6.1 All bookings must require a prepayment either 25% or 100% of the total balance.

6.2 In case you had chosen to pay the 25% in advance the outstanding balance of the service must be paid to the driver by cash.

6.3 Any online payment will be subject to verification.

6.4 For a payment by bank transaction is the lead party who has to assume the bank charges.

7 Waiting time

7.1 All meets apart from Airport waiting time are free for the first 15 minutes; thereafter the driver only will still waiting whether he/she has availability and 15€ each 15 minutes will be applied.

7.2 In Airport meets the first 60 minutes waiting time from the time of landing are free, thereafter the driver only will still waiting he/she has availability and 15€ each 15 minutes will be applied. If we do not have any notice from the lead party, the driver will leave and no refund will be possible.

7.3 In case the passengers need more waiting time, the driver will only wait if he/she has availability and a fee of 10€ every 15minutes will be applied and must be paid by cash at the moment of the service; if the driver does not have availability he/she will leave and not refund will be possible.

8 Delays

8.1 If the arrival flight is delayed within the same date, your transfer will has to be rescheduled so the passenger might has to wait for some time.

8.2 If your arrival flight is delayed until the following day, we will not be able to reschedule it and no refund will be possible.

8.3 In case your departure flight it is delayed, your transfer will not be able to rescheduled unless you let us know before 12:00pm of your service.

8.4 Although we monitor the arrival flights, it is the lead party liable to inform us for any delay either via email or phone as soon as he knows it.

8.5 AT cannot be held responsible for any financial losses, missed flight, trains or meetings because the car is not arriving at the pick-up point at the scheduled time due to adverse weather, vehicle breakdown, traffic conditions, road traffic accidents, road closures or event destruction. In this unexpected incidences, the customer service will call the phone number provided at the time of booking as soon as it has the knowledgement of it.

8.6 In case the point 8.5 occurs the lead party must wait instructions of the customer service.

8.7 In case the passenger/s of the booking takes an alternative transfer without the approval of the customer service, AT will not held responsibilities of the extra cost nor refund will be possible.

8.8 As we only can monitor one flight and the lead party has had to let us know it as point 4.8 says, in case any other flight arrives later we are not liable to wait for it unless the driver has availability, and a fee of 10€ every 15 minutes after 1 hour the provided flight has landed.

9 Additional Pick-ups and Drop-offs points

9.1 Any extra pick up or drop off point must be informed and paid up to 12:00pm before the service via email.

9.2 A fee of 15€ will be charged for a pick up or drop off point in the same location of the main point.

9.3 For a pick up or drop off point in a different location of the main one, it will be charge a fee accorded with our customer service and must be informed 48 hours before the service via email.

10 No Show

10.1 “No show” meaning: passenger who books a private hire car with Atlas Transfers and failed to meet our driver on pick up time, this includes airports, seaports, hotels, campsites and private addresses.

10.2 No show includes incorrect dates and pick up times of the bookings and do not informed before 12:00pm the day before the service.

10.3 for arrivals at the airport the driver will be waiting for the passenger up to 1 hour from flight landing time, if the passenger fails to meet the driver within this time limit, the driver will only wait more time if he/she has availability and a fee of 10€ each extra 15 minutes will be charged; if he/she cannot wait then will leave and not refund will be possible.

10.4 For pick-ups in Seaports, hotels, campsites, resorts or private addresses the driver will be waiting for the client at the meeting point 15 minutes since the scheduled time, if after this time the passenger/s do/es not appear and no contact with the customer services has made the driver will leave and no refund will be possible.

11 Lost Items

11.1 do not accept any liability for passenger baggage, as it is each individual passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they carry all their belongings with them when leaving the vehicle.

11.2 If a customer wants to have a lost item sent to them by any delivery company, he/she must contact that company to make delivery arrangements and arrangements for payment and pick-up.

11.3 All items will be held for thirty (30) days.

12 Cancellations, changes or refunds

12.1 All changes or booking cancellations must be informed via email before 12:00pm the day before the service.

12.2 In case a cancellation or change has been made as the point 11.1 says a 100% refund will be made, otherwise any refund will be possible.

12.3 For a refund because of a problem during your transfer the lead party must send an email be full explained, with receipts if there is the case, at and must be presented within 10 days after the date of your service. Complaints which do not comply with our terms and conditions such a wrong date or flight number, do not book the correct vehicle or providing incorrect information at the time of the reservation, no refund will be possible.

12.4 Any refunds are subject to a minimum fee of 2.00€ (Bank charges).